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Welcome to the World of Fast Morphing!

This site is dedicated to the product RBF Morph, an integrated system for morphing and shape optimization tailored for the CFD solver ANSYS Fluent and now available as an ACT Extension for ANSYS Workbench and a stand alone software.

RBF Morph is a unique mesh morphing technology that combines a very accurate control of the geometrical parameters with an extremely fast mesh deformation, fully integrated in the solving process. RBF Morph is the meeting point between state-of-the-art scientific research and top-level industrial needs.

Most important industrial requirements such as process integration, mesh-independent solution, parallelism, large models and arbitrary mesh element type management, are so fulfilled by RBF Morph. The final goal of RBF Morph is to perform parametric studies of component shapes and positions like multi-configuration studies, sensitivity studies, design developments, DOE (Design Of Experiment) and shape optimization. RBF Morph products line is comprised of the RBF Morph ANSYS Fluent Add On, the RBF Morph Stand Alone and the RBF Morph ACT Extension for ANSYS Workbench. RBF Morph is a technical partner of ANSYS Inc. since 2009.


Latest News


RBF Morph published on the Newsletter EnginSoft Year 13 n°1

RBF Morph published on the Newsletter EnginSoft Year 13 n°1 – 64  an article on how the FEA tool ANSYS Mechanical in conjunction with the ACT Extension RBF Morph is able to overtake the limitations of the standard workflow based on the generation of a new mesh for each shape variation which is updated according to the input parameters of the CAD.

In this paper two interesting applications are proposed.


RBF Morph with Pipistrel at Engineering Playground

engineeringplaygroundlogoThe RBF Morph Team with Pipistrel will participate from March 21th to April 25th at Spazio Eventi Tirso in Rome “Engineering Playground”  hosted by the exhibition of LEGO® sculptures. “The Art of the Brick”.

For the Engineering Playground RBF Team with Pipistrel  have prepared 3D printed models of aircrafts that allow to clearly understand how we are using this concept within Aeronautical optimization studies conducted in the framework of the EU ProjectRBF4AERO address both the aircraft and both the engine.




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